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Also see: Mentors; Models; Scaffold Source: Adapted from: coaching, An umbrella term for the variety of approaches and models in education that involve the shared intellectual efforts by students working in small groups to accomplish a goal or complete a task.

Source: learning As a final project for the unit on The Revolutionary War, the teacher wanted to focus on collaborative learning.

A change in instruction that does not result in a change in the standards or instructional goals for a student. Also see: Strategic networks; Recognition networks; Multiple means of action and expression; Multiple means of representation; Multiple means of engagement Image description: This medial view of the brain shows the limbic lobe, site of the affective networks.

Also see: Modification; Assistive technology Source: Adapted from: Ysseldyke, J., Thurlow, M., Seyfarth, A., Bielinski, J., Moody, M., & Haigh, J. The limbic lobe includes primitve cortical tissue (stippled area), the fontal lobes, and underlying cortical structures (hippocampus and dentate gyrus, not shown).

Within the UDL framework, the goal is to improve the accuracy and timeliness of assessments, and to ensure that they are comprehensive and articulate enough to guide instruction – for all learners.