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In 1928 the ‘Esguerra-Bárcenas Treaty’ gave Colombia the Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina; however Nicaragua argues that it did not establish maritime borders.According to the Central American nation, since that date Colombia has been intruding more and more on Nicaraguan waters and has almost halved its territory.

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Furthermore, the South American nation has a navy of 34,964 personnel; Nicaragua has just 800.

Or to put it another way; Colombia’s annual defence expenditure is greater than Nicaragua’s whole GDP.

His Colombian counterpart was also quick to dismiss the possibility of violence. But warned that he would continue to “defend, with total conviction, the rights of the islanders and all our compatriots.” Could Shots be Fired?

Whilst there is the possibility for military conflict, especially as some Colombian navy vessels have failed to leave Nicaragua’s new territory; it appears that many of the comments from the Colombian government are nothing more than knee-jerk reactions and nationalistic rhetoric.

But if violence did break out, it would not be an even fight.